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How Web Hosting Work and Why You Need It

How Web Hosting Work

The role of web hosting is becoming gradually important as the number of websites is growing fast. There are so many things users can do with a website, from sharing their life experience to running a business. For that reason, web hosting companies aim to provide the best plans possible to attract new customers. Web hosting is a service that is provided by various different companies all over the world. Without web hosting services, none of us would be able to see any websites on the internet. The essential service that they offer is to provide places for websites to be stored and from where they can be accessed by anyone who knows the unique address of that website. This article will discuss How Web Hosting Work, explains why it is relevant and enumerates qualities a good provider.

If you have knowledge of servers and domain names then you can, of course, have your website hosted at home and there are various people that choose to do this. For those that do not have the technical expertise, they will go to a web host and have their site hosted there also for free, or for a monthly fee. So the question on everyone’s mind, is how web hosting work?

When you create a website, the files that you will place their videos, music, flash animation, banners, borders, written content, images, etc. will be sent to a storage server of the web hosting company. When you sign up for a web hosting service, you will just have to send them over the pages that you want to appear on your website and the provider will make these pages visible online.

How Web Hosting Work And Why You Need It

Before you begin creating your own website and launch it on the Internet, it’s important to know how web hosting works.

How Does Web Hosting Work?

In choosing a web hosting company, make sure to consider the storage space that your website needs. If you want to display just a few paragraphs and images in your site, 20 MB of space can be sufficient. If you will be placing some videos, animations, and other huge kinds of files though, it is better to benefit from storage space greater than 50 MB.

Normally, a web hosting company does more than just storing your website. Here are various value-added services and features to expect from your web hosting provider:

  • Domain Name registration – So you can purchase and manage domain and hosting from the same provider.
  • Website Builder – Drag and drop web editing tool to create a website.
  • Basic technical and CMS support.
  • Email Hosting – To send and receive emails from email@yourdomain.com

How Does Web Hosting Work from Here?

Now comes the technical part of the whole thing works together and where you set the Domain Name Server information for your registered domain name. The DNS address uses your domain name and an IP address as the official location of your site. After all, all those files of data have to be stored somewhere, right? The internet browser finds stored data from this address.

Your site is formally set up, so now how is web hosting work when people try to access your site?

When someone types your domain name into their web browser, it follows the DNS address linked with the domain name. The DNS address tells the browser the IP address of the web hosting service provider you subscribed to. The web browser then uses that information to discover the server that is housing your site’s data files. The visitor’s browser can access the data files and then display them.

There are some hosts that will let you create a website for free, and even have a subdomain on them. The one problem with that is you won’t have complete control over the website with very limited space. You have to consider your needs before going for something like this. On the other hand, you can go for the free hosting and register an actual domain with another IP routing site in order to have a genuine URL for your free website. It will help to get to the top of the rankings on search engines while barely costing you a dime.

Once again, however, you need to consider what exactly it is you want and need in a website and go from there. There are so various different possibilities when you ask the question “how web hosting works “. It is a question with various answers, and you have to find the answer that is right for you.

How web hosting works can get confusing with all the technical professionals. One thing that you can’t afford to mix-up is the ultra-super necessary task of selecting a reliable web host. Don’t make the mistake of choosing a wrong web host; visit BeTec Host to ensure you are on the right path to digital marketing success.

How to Find the Best Web Hosting Packages for Your Website

Best Web Hosting Packages

Everybody would agree that it is difficult to choose a good web hosting provider because there are so many cheaters on the market, particularly in this line of business. Though, the truth is that there is a decision that could turn out to be even more difficult than deciding on which hosting provider would meet all your requirements. Do you wonder what I am talking about? Most of you may have already come up with the right idea- it is the choice of choosing one of the Best Web Hosting Packages. Well, this article purposes exactly at helping all people who have difficulties making this decision.

This is very true that most of the packages have their perimeter on the amount of traffic or the bandwidth or even the disk space chosen to the user’s website. If one does not want to regret later on, then he/she should confirm the costs in case of exceeding the limit. In actual terms, the web hosting company that offers low priced packages will charge a lot if anyhow its user exceeds the permitted limit.

How To Find The Best Web Hosting Packages For Your Website

Web Hosting Packages

When looking for the best web hosting packages, there are something’s to check for. Don’t just purchase the hosting package because it is cheap, it could be cheap for a very good reason. It needs to suit the product or service it is promoting.

  • Bandwidth:

  • The business’s best web hosting packages, unsurprisingly, have some more benefits. The disc space is again limited but this time 100GB on average and the bandwidth limitation is normally around 2000GB. You can consider these characteristics completely enough for your business since you are unlikely to need even 60% of the disc and bandwidth capacity offered.
  • Software:

  • Some hosting companies provide cPanel beware others might charge for this option or alike control page, these applications help you perform certain functions on your web hosting account and create blogs, for example, WordPress almost in an instant.
  • Space:

  • Most websites don’t need much space, but a reasonable amount is needed to run a decent site with several pages. Don’t pay extra for loads of excessive space. Companies will boost unlimited space. The most necessary piece is saved for last because without enough webspace, it’ll be hard to hold all the files you’ll need to run your online business, or build the personal websites you’ve always wanted to have.
  • Email Accounts:

  • FTP accounts, MySQL databases have now become standard in one form or another. Unlimited accounts aren’t necessary, but you should have enough email addresses for everyone involved in your organization, as well as enough databases to run your database-powered sites with no problem. If you find a site that only has one or two databases allotted to each user, you can indeed install different software packages in one MySQL database.
  • Cost/Price:

  • That saying “you get what you pay for” is very relevant to web hosting services. The basic ‘shared hosting’ is the lowest price to ‘dedicated’ being the most expensive because there is an entirely standalone server just there for you to control. Think long and hard before you choose which option to go for because if you sign up for a year and realize 2 months in that it is not right for you, you could be losing money in more ways than one. Just be aware of the more costly packages – because pricey does not necessarily mean top quality.

So What Are the Minimum Requirements That You Should Expect From Any Web Hosting Package?

Well, it should be easy to save at least the following from any web host worth their salt;

  • Free Website Builder
  • 24/7 Support
  • Free Website Templates
  • Free Easy Install Scripts

So whilst making sure that your best web hosting packages consist of at least the above value, you still need to make sure that you don’t fall prey to an unscrupulous web hosting company that falls short of its promises.

The marketing package of web hosting in Pakistan can also decide its worth for you. It should include various important components like a keyword generator, search engine submission software, and a link checker. They will make sure of a high search engine ranking of your site and your web presence. Choosing the best web hosting packages is a quite critical factor of your business and this decision should be taken after careful research and afterthought.


The number of web hosting companies online is growing every day and with them comes even more options to choose from. However, this basic guide should serve you for a long time with classic tips to getting the best web hosting packages that fit your budget and your needs for a long time to come. All you need to know now is what you want now and then- just choose the best web hosting packages which fit best your needs and requirements. It is much simpler now, don’t you think so? Visit the BeTec Host site for more information about the best web hosting packages.

What is Web Hosting and Types of Hosting Services?

What is Web Hosting?

A Web Hosting Company can host thousands of websites and therefore only they require large web server spaces. All these servers are linked to the internet and can be assessed by anyone who has a web browser. Companies of web hosting services provide space on their servers so that you can take all the files for your website and put them online!

So no matter whether you are designing a small one-page site or a large corporate site with 1 million pages, you need a hosting provider. The web hosting services consist of shared hosting dedicated hosting and various other services and combinations in between. All of these have their great benefits and some have better offerings than others do in some way.

what is web hosting and types of hosting services

Though having a website that can be seen by anybody in the web world is what is important and that is where web hosting comes into play. It is imperative to get knowledge of this hosting and the types of web hosting that are in practice, before running our own websites.

Types of Web Hosting

Different Types of Web Hosting services are available on the market to suit your requirements. This service depends a lot on the kind of website you are trying to run. You would find that there are several types of website hosting services available on the internet and from there you can choose the web hosting service that would suit your needs. The types of hosting available services are:

  • Free Web Hosting Services

  • It is best right for small sites like a family, hobby, or personal sites with low traffic. These have limited security options, database, and technical support, and most frequently restrict the domain name to the ones handpicked by them. This type of web hosting is good for hobbyists. You will find different banner and text ads on your website if you go for this option. This type of service is available in the form of sub-domain which means your domain name is suffixed by the site owner’s domain name registration.
  • Dedicated Hosting Services

  • A dedicated hosting service is a single web server is chosen to one single customer so that he can host his website or numerous websites on this server space. Here the customer has many options and he can look at modifying configuration, being able to scale the bandwidth, and thus increasing website traffic. It is no miracle then that the charges for dedicated hosting are far higher than for shared hosting.
  • Shared Web Hosting Services

  • Shared website hosting today is the most common form of web hosting and most of the websites online are running on this very platform. As the name suggests, paying customers to share disk space capacity, bandwidth, and other network resources with one another. It is a low-cost structure, which is easy to maintain.
  • Managed Hosting Services

  • The user is provided with his own web server and he allowed managing the data via FTP or other remote management tools. Though, the web hosting service provider does not allow the user full control at any time to avoid any untoward modification or new configuration problems in the server.
  • Windows Website Hosting

  • Windows web hosting is nothing but the platform that is offered to you by the web hosting services. Customers who build their sites based on asp this type of web hosting and it is usually useful for developers.
  • Reseller Hosting Services

  • Reseller Hosting Services is where you can sign up for your web hosting services from a web host. After that, you get to resell them under your own specific different brand. Clients are allowed to become host themselves and a reseller account can be huge in size with their dedicated server to a collocated server. Those who wanted to try out their hosting experiences this type of web hosting is right for them.
  • Virtual Hosting Services

  • This is as well-referred to as Virtual Private Server Hosting (VPS). This type of web hosting divides the accessible resources into separate virtual servers in such a way that there is no change in the underlying hardware. The clients will have to take care of their own server and see to its proper functioning and maintenance. It is like you are responsible for your own space in the server which is the house of various others like yours.
  • Collocated Hosting Services

  • Where the web hosting provider allows you to place your server at its premises. Most of the time this type of collocated web hosting took place because the web host had a better place which is designed to store servers. The goodness of this hosting is as such; high bandwidth and security and the downtime of the server are close to zero with great reliability.
  • Home Server Services

  • Sometimes more than one websites use a system operating from home.
  • Clustered Hosting Services

  • Clustered Hosting Services is meant to optimize resource utilization wherein many servers host similar web content.
  • Grid Hosting Services

  • Several nodes make a server cluster as a grid in this type of web hosting service.
  • eCommerce Web Hosting Services

  • eCommerce web hosting services provide you with eCommerce Solutions in Pakistan so that you can carry out your businesses easily on the Internet. These are beneficial if you are running an online store and handle client based transactions. Because these secured servers encrypt and store most of the data.
  • Root Server Hosting Services

  • Semi-Managed Hosting commonly known as Root Server Hosting Services. This is similar to dedicated hosting where you can access the root of the server itself. This type of web hosting service offers many benefits. Such as longer uninterrupted Internet connectivity and a higher level of flexibility. It is very versatile and suitable for those who need great flexibility to allow customization.
  • Virtual Dedicated Server Services

  • Herein servers are divided into virtual servers where each user shares his server with several other users. But he feels as if he is on a dedicated server.


The above mention types of web hosting services are some of the common ones. Hence, there are many more different choices which one can find from the Internet with different services, options, and benefits. The exact type of hosting service for you would be one that is affordable with the required features and options. You can check out our cheap web hosting services. For more detail Visit BeTec Host for different types of web hosting services.