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When you’re trying to come up with a good domain,
it’s important to come up with onethat can stand the test
of time and that accurately represents website.

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When you’re trying to come up with a good domain, it’s important to come up with one that can stand
the test of time and that accurately represents you and your website or brand.


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BeTec Host Dedicated Domain Plans

Get more attention by finding the right domain extension. Lets people know why you're awesome with a perfect domain name for you.

TLDs Years Register Transfer Renew Register
1-yr PKR 1500 PKR 1500 PKR 1500 Order
1-yr PKR 2100 PKR 2100 PKR 2100 Order
1-yr PKR 1950 PKR 1950 PKR 1950 Order
1-yr PKR 1200 PKR 1200 PKR 1200 Order
1-yr PKR 2500 PKR 2500 PKR 2500 Order
1-yr PKR 2.99 PKR 2.99 PKR 2.99 Order
Get a free domain name

Get a free domain name

By purchasing the web-hosting bundle at BeTec Host, you can get a free domain name. We have a few spaces you can look over relying upon the idea of your business or the reason for your site.

Buy a domain name

You can purchase an domain name at BeTec Host with your preferred name just as an augmentation. Purchasing an domain with us has numerous points of interest, e.g reasonable bundles and your decision of expansion.

Buy a domain name
Effective method to secure Privacy

Effective method to secure Privacy

Protection of the domain purchasers is ensured by making sure about close to home information, halting any sort of undesirable sales, giving insurance to all related email addresses, and keeping the domain from hijacking.

Find out why we're the biggest registrar of domain names registration in Pakistan.

It's not unexpected that under management, we have almost hundreds of clients and domain names. Individuals may come here searching for a domain name, however what they discover makes them remain for a lifetime becoming our loyal customers.

one-stop tech shop

Your one-stop tech shop.

Get all the tools you have to succeed on the web and forget about searching around the internet. For your online presence find everything in one place.

innovation you need

The innovation you need.

We offer devices for about any online undertaking, from sites to email advertising. The best part is that our cloud technology is anything but difficult to utilize and get.

global network

A Global network.

We're global network where from around the world can trade thoughts regarding overcoming the web.

World-Class Support

World-Class Support

In the event that you have an inquiry regarding an domain name (or whatever else that we offer) our web professionals are prepared to pickup the telephone and help.

domain name features

.PK Domain Registration Requirements

You must provide the required documents to PKNIC registrar which represents the legal domain name of PKNIC directory otherwise your case will be rejected and these domain names will not be registered. It is best to confirm with us before ordering any legal or restricted PKNIC domain name.

Company Domain Registration Requirements

Institute Domain Registration Requirements

  • Head / Director Name
  • Institute or Department Name
  • Head / Director CNIC Copy
  • Institute or Department Letterhead
  • Head / Director Signature on Letter Head
  • Institute or Department’s Stamp
  • Signature on Letterhead must be same as per CNIC
  • Registration/Affiliation Certificate (Only Institute)

Personal Domain Registration Requirements

  • Full Name
  • Company Name
  • Email Address
  • Postal Code
  • Postal Address
  • Contact No
  • CNIC Copy
  • Owner Signature

Don't get just a single domain name.

Our features will step up your domain game.

Domain locking

Prevent unapproved transfer (or "hijacking") of your domain names. You hold all control to also open any domain should you decide to do so in any way, shape or form.

Simple management

Your domain control board is intended for convenience and takes into consideration all parts of your domains to be overseen from a solitary dashboard.

Domain renewal

Your registered domain names will auto-renew of course. This will keep any domain from unintentionally terminating because of accidental human blunder.

Domain registration in Pakistan

Domain Name Registration in Pakistan

Domain registration in Pakistan looks simpler now, yet this is one assistance you should be incredibly mindful of. BeTec Host is the stage for .pk domains registration where you don't simply get the domain, yet in addition, different services that assist you with overseeing and keep up the traffic. We have a group of gifted and mindful affirmed experts who tune in to the customers' needs and serve them in the most ideal manner. This is where quality meets reasonableness. We are additionally offering free domain enrollment to the endorsers of our different services. This is where cost-viability is one of our top needs, without settling on the nature of services. The services and arrangements provided are all at standard with worldwide gauges and are no not exactly your worldwide rivals on the web.

We are one of the top affiliates of PKNIC vault in Pakistan and we have all rights saved to enroll any .pk domain name for you. Our rates for all .PK have names are low and moderate, so now register Your PK Identity with us, Find beneath how we order and arranged all PKNIC names. We wager that we are the least expensive .PK Domain Registration provider and supporter on the planet and this is the motivation behind why individuals from a lot of nations depend on us when they have to make sure about any Pakistan based augmentation. We are a lot of develop PKNIC recorders with an enduring connection with the library and the primary toppers in the field of selling greatest .PKNIC names around the world; you may even confirm our validity from the vault's own site since we are selling in even lower charges than the library itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a domain name?

Think about your domain name as a street address for your site. Without a domain name, you would need to advise clients to visit your site at an IP-based url, for example, rather than yourwebsite.com. The previous isn’t truly important or amicable to natural eyes and will definitely bring about not that numerous visits to your site. While it isn’t obligatory that you have a site domain name, nor is it required that a domain you own be appended to a site, for a fruitful online nearness you really will need to get your own domain name to guarantee your site has the best possible quality of polished skill and proper marking.

For what reason Do I Need a Domain Name?

Your domain name is the manner by which visitors effectively discover you on the web. It is frequently the initial phase in kicking your site off in light of the fact that it resembles setting up your site’s street address on the web. If you didn’t have a domain name, you would need to give out your IP address to each and every individual who needed to visit your site, which would get befuddling and be handily overlooked.

Why purchase a domain name from BeTec Host?

Regardless of anything else, we endeavor to convey extraordinary customer experiences. At the point when you purchase a domain name from BeTec Host, we promise it will be given over to you with unrivaled standards of service and backing. Our essential objective is to manufacture a client centered air loaded up with the most joyful clients in the cosmic system. The BeTec Host ensure is our characteristic of greatness.

How accomplishes domain registration work?

Think about the name you need to enroll. The appropriate response is commonly your organization or site name. It is ideal to keep your domain name short and straightforward. Let’s assume it so anyone can hear, and ensure it sounds extraordinary. Next, search to check whether it is accessible. If the name you want is taken with the .com top-level domain, there are several others accessible. At long last, add the top decisions to your truck and complete the domain registration.

Would you be able to purchase domain names and sell them?

If you have bought domain names that you do not require anymore, you can sell them through BeTec Host. At the point when you are prepared to sell, you can list your domain in our Marketplace at a fixed cost. We will add your domains to our accessible rundown, visited by a great many individuals consistently. At the point when you purchase domain names from BeTec Host, we ensure the best accessible help from overseeing, to selling, to renewals.

Is my domain name accessible?

Basically enter your ideal domain name in the domain finder box above and click the Search button to discover your domain name accessibility and the sum it’ll cost to enroll the domain. Our domain search tool will likewise give you access on other accessible domain name expansions or varieties that are accessible, for example, yourwebsite.net or yourawesomewebsite.org.

How would I purchase a site domain name?

Everything starts with our domain finder tool utilizing the search box above. When you find an accessible name, you will have the option to buy the domain name and be guided through the way toward registering that domain name and guaranteeing it is highlighted your hosting account.

Which domain name extensions are available?

BeTec Host sells a wide array of domain extensions from the following top-level domain (TLD) extensions: .com, .org, .net, .biz, .info, .club, .co, .space, .us, .website, .me, .host, .online, .site, .tech, .co.uk, and .org.uk. Plus many more. If you’re looking for something a bit more exotic like .ninja or .beer, we partner with BeTec Host to sell the latest new extensions as well. Check out our selection by entering your desired domain name above.

How Should I Choose My Domain Name?

Basically, you are allowed to pick the domain name. In any case, you can’t pick names that are being used by different associations, or names that for different reasons are denied or saved for technical, ethical or national considerations. Short names that are hard to remember play out the best. It’s likewise best practice to pick a domain name that intently takes after your business name. A few people likewise use catchphrases in their domain name to help guests effectively discover them in web search tools. Your domain name can utilize letter, numbers and hyphens yet not exceptional characters. You likewise have an obligation to guarantee that your registration of a domain name doesn’t encroach another gathering’s entitlement to a similar name. Remember that the duty consistently rests with you.

What is WHOIS Domain Privacy?

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is the association that administers the standards and guidelines for domain name registrations. ICANN requires, for different reasons including to decide responsibility for domain should a debate come to pass, that an openly available database be kept in touch data of all domain registrants. In layman’s terms this implies your domain name will be accessible by anybody and those query items will incorporate your complete name, physical location and other contact data. So as to ensure your protection in such manner, BeTec Host offers WHOIS Domain Privacy which at that point veils your data utilizing our own and executes a method for you to control who can then access your contact data through a WHOIS search. At whatever point you purchase a domain name, regardless of what domain name registration service you use, you are dependent upon the equivalent ICANN rules, thus it is imperative to utilize a legitimate help who thinks about your security. BeTec Host consistently suggests empowering WHOIS Domain Privacy.

Is Domain Name Privacy + Protection Worth It?

Your own contact data is registered to your domain and can be found in the open WHOIS registry. Anyway you can keep your own contact data hidden by using BeTec Host’s Domain Privacy + Protection. Domain Privacy + Protection will supplant your own contact data with BeTec Host’s contact data. Utilizing Domain Privacy + Protection shields you from spam and data fraud just as cautions you to any progressions made to your domain while examining the site related with your domain for malware.

I have a domain name at an alternate organization. Would I be able to move my domain to BeTec Host?

Truly. You can move your domain to BeTec Host. You can move either the domain registration or essentially update the DNS at your present recorder to highlight your BeTec Host hosting account, or both. We would suggest both hosting and keeping up the domain registration with us so as to guarantee the ideal help understanding.

Would I be able to utilize my custom domain name for my email?

Completely. So as to pass on a demeanor of polished skill with your online business, or even simply establish a decent first connection, it is critical to utilize an email address that coordinates your domain name. BeTec Host makes this simple to set up once you complete your domain name registration.

How long does my domain name registration last? How would I renew my domain?

To what extent your domain registration keeps going can fluctuate contingent upon the domain you buy. Numerous domain name registration centers will permit clients to enlist domains for a long time at once, yet normally clients will enlist domains for one to three years.

How would I see whether a .pk domain name is accessible?

To see whether a name is accessible or to discover who enrolled a specific name, utilize our WHOIS Search apparatus which can be found on the landing page of our site.

What amount does a .pk domain name cost?

For domain registrant situated in Pakistan, a domain charge of Rs. 1350/ – every year will be charged. For domain registrant or their recorder situated outside Pakistan, an expense of $30 per domain every year is charged. The expense is charged on a biennial premise (multi year time frame) and can be paid up to a limit of ten years.

How before long would I be able to begin utilizing my domain name?

When the Registry System has been refreshed, the data in our database is imparted to the Internet’s zone records around the world. This sharing procedure is called ‘proliferation’, in light of the fact that the new data about your Domain Name spreads or engenders over the Internet. The zone records are spread much of the time, like clockwork. We can’t control the rate at which the a great many servers on the Internet are refreshed, however for the most part your domain ought to be accessible to Internet clients inside an extremely brief period.

Would I be able to change the domain name?

When a domain has been registered, its name can not be adjusted.

For what reason must I update enrolled information?

Every once in a while it is important to arrive at a contact individual for the domain. This could be because of specialized issues or debates. In these circumstances, it is essential that the contact information is modern. As the domain name holder, you are liable for keeping your contact data refreshed.

Do you provide web hosting services?

BeTec Host also offers website hosting or email hosting services to willing customers. You can select a hosting plan based on your website requirement to ensure stable and smooth service without any problem.

.PK Domain Register in Pakistan

BeTec Host is Web Hosting and Digital Marketing compmany known for being top .PK registration and its booking services supplier. We are exceptionally hopeful that you will get our best services approach while registering them with us since we are the least expensive whether you need a famous, a PK, new released extensions or you need a ccTld, with this moderateness we additionally guarantee that we know this business and its structure most intently than any one else in Pakistan and that is the reason can deal with your applicable demands most advantageously, so attempt us once for registering your web name by us.

.com.pk Domain Name Registration

As we as a whole realize that costing framework for all PKNIC expansions has been as of late refreshed by vault and right now all SRS individuals, affiliates and accomplices are selling according to new actualized costs. PK-Domain.com, according to its old design of offering low budgetary services, introducing least expensive rates, particularly for .com.pk domain enrollment with the goal that our repetitive and new customers can be profited. You can purchase this expansion in a similar cost as .PK however it was not so in past. Why we put this marked down on the grounds that we know the vast majority of people and greatest number of corporate and worldwide organizations like to look and register their Pakistani site utilizing this addition so less edges or no edges can be shoulder for dissemination of most extreme clientage. We generally welcome your input on it and recommendations for our future improvement, which will allow us to serve you in even sumptuous manner.

Domain Registration in Pakistan

If you need to purchase .com extension rather than .pk or other most selling extensions like .organization, .business, or .net then you may look and purchase from our Domain Registration in Pakistan page. You can discover the least expensive domaining rates with moment initiation since we are a domain registration center in Pakistan who is offering most reduced costs for all conventional and cctlds. You will get a world-class understanding and all the features you have to hold and deal with your sites and even the top domain name support so you better consider changing your old names from global suppliers to us since they suck. They, for the most part charge you less on first-year enrollment and a major bill at the hour of restoration, where our reestablishment charges are in PKR is. also, very little more than desires, and in front of all we are consistently in your range for sifting through your DNS issues and joining your custom domains with a web hosting service account from blogger, Wix, WordPress, and so on in free. While with other give you may need to do these amazing settings yourself so to maintain a strategic distance from badly designed and sparing your time, you got this opportunity with us.

Who Purchase Domains in Pakistan?

Each individual who wishes to get his/her own image noticeable to him/her and to the ideal crowd, buy domains in Pakistan. We have a variety of natures, sorts, and classifications of customers. The greater part of them lives inside Pakistan's various urban communities like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, Sargodha, Faisalabad, Hyderabad, Gujranwala, Peshawar, Quetta and not many from other than these areas. Customers from recent urban areas of Pakistan for the most part purchased their site names for giving a lift to their business deliberately. Then again, in others, the vast majority of bloggers and online cash workers included who buy the most minimal conceivable estimated domain and web hosting services to begin procuring on the web from the earliest starting point. There are not many non-benefit associations, Government based organizations, Schools, Colleges, Universities, and semi-government divisions and travel offices who participated in obtaining it as it is required and forced to have by administrative position.

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