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Choose a Dedicated Hosting Services for Exclusive Web Service

Choose a Dedicated Hosting Services for Exclusive Web Service

Dedicated Hosting Server

A Dedicated Hosting Service is a particular type of hosting where a completely managed server is dedicated to the needs of a particular user. However this service is designed for huge business websites that receive millions of hits every day, small companies can benefit from dedicated hosting as well. With dedicated hosting services, you have full access to the complete server. Dedicated hosting allows persons and businesses to let out pre-configured, connectivity, and state-of-the-art equipment from a hosting service provider.

Somewhat than simply sharing server space on a virtual server, dedicated hosting services give you the prospect to lease a full server for your own exclusive use. The hosting company takes ownership, maintains, and as well backs up the server while making sure all the security, power supervision, and all other features of maintaining a data center. The site developer is exclusively responsible for the whole web server software issues.

How Does Dedicated Hosting Work?

Dedicated Hosting plan is more flexible and secure than shared hosting services. If you buying this service, you won't have to share server hardware or software. In shared web hosting, there are at least further sites on one server. This may affect your website performance. Your site is the only one allowed to reside on the server with dedicated hosting services in Pakistan. This means that you are not sharing the system resources for example memory and disk space.

Why Choose Dedicated Hosting?

Most people who are new to web hosting use a shared, or virtual, hosting service. In a virtual hosting service you rent space and bandwidth on a common server. Your site will be just one of many on a particular physical server. More qualified users will frequently use a dedicated hosting service. While with virtual hosting you are imagining that you have your own server, with dedicated hosting services you actually get the whole server to yourself.

On the other hand, a complete server is dedicated to handling and running the business on your website in a dedicated hosting plan. There are no other websites on the same server.

Benefits of Dedicated Hosting Services

Dedicated hosting has various benefits for those websites that have the need for it. There are many advantages of hosting eCommerce site on a dedicated server which include:

Control Panel

When you really own your server you get further opportunities for better control. While you only have limited control over many of the server's features and functions in shared hosting systems.

Server Security

If you subscribe to dedicated hosting services, your website and commercial transactions will be enhanced and totally secure. You don't share a workspace with and you get rid of several small and simple errors that crop up in shared hosting servers.

Storage Space

With dedicated hosting, you get a whole server that works only for your eCommerce website. This translates into a greatly higher storage space available for website images, content pages, and other interactive features.

Software Options

With dedicated servers, you just get a lot more software and script choices. The big storage capacity of a dedicated server lessens the need to align coding or server features like it usually happens in case of shared hosting.

Data Transfer

As well as larger storage space, you as well gain a higher rate of bandwidth meant for data transfer in comparison to shared hosting plans. You step out of the rate race wherein your website traffic no longer competes with traffic on other websites. This gives you lesser problems and higher server response time.

Quality is More Important than Price

When you begin shopping for dedicated hosting plans you will find that there are numerous different options at some different prices. Some of the web hosts on the internet offer outrageously cheap hosting packages. The technical support and reliability of the servers will possibly reflect the amount of money you saved when you signed up with the company. There are affordable hosting options that offer excellent reliability and quality services without charging you too much.

One more benefit is being able to customize your hosting package. You can add certain items and delete others. Shared packages are pretty standard and you may or may not have all the features you need.

The best-dedicated hosting plan for your specific needs determined by going over the offerings of the most positive providers and choosing the one that will result in the best overall plan for you. One time you commit to a plan, feel confident that you've done your homework, and never look back.


Dedicated hosting is a great solution for businesses that are on the limit of expansion but still lack the security, resources, and the staff to aid build and preserve a solution that's based in-house. Yes, this kind of hosting service can be very costly but did you know that businesses would still be able to save around 85% every month through it? BeTec Host offers reliable managed dedicated hosting services totally customized to your necessities. Our expert IT engineers offer you pro-active monitoring and technical support 24/7 to make sure zero downtime.

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