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how web hosting work and why you need it

How Web Hosting Work and Why You Need It

How Web Hosting Work

The role of web hosting is becoming gradually important as the number of websites is growing fast. There are so many things users can do with a website, from sharing their life experience to running a business. For that reason, web hosting companies aim to provide the best plans possible to attract new customers. Web hosting is a service that is provided by various different companies all over the world. Without web hosting services, none of us would be able to see any websites on the internet. The essential service that they offer is to provide places for websites to be stored and from where they can be accessed by anyone who knows the unique address of that website. This article will discuss How Web Hosting Work, explains why it is relevant and enumerates qualities a good provider.

If you have knowledge of servers and domain names then you can, of course, have your website hosted at home and there are various people that choose to do this. For those that do not have the technical expertise, they will go to a web host and have their site hosted there also for free, or for a monthly fee. So the question on everyone's mind, is how web hosting work?

When you create a website, the files that you will place their videos, music, flash animation, banners, borders, written content, images, etc. will be sent to a storage server of the web hosting company. When you sign up for a web hosting service, you will just have to send them over the pages that you want to appear on your website and the provider will make these pages visible online.

Before you begin creating your own website and launch it on the Internet, it’s important to know how web hosting works.

How Does Web Hosting Work?

In choosing a web hosting company, make sure to consider the storage space that your website needs. If you want to display just a few paragraphs and images in your site, 20 MB of space can be sufficient. If you will be placing some videos, animations, and other huge kinds of files though, it is better to benefit from storage space greater than 50 MB.

Normally, a web hosting company does more than just storing your website. Here are various value-added services and features to expect from your web hosting provider:

  • Domain Name registration – So you can purchase and manage domain and hosting from the same provider.
  • Website Builder – Drag and drop web editing tool to create a website.
  • Basic technical and CMS support.
  • Email Hosting – To send and receive emails from

How Does Web Hosting Work from Here?

Now comes the technical part of the whole thing works together and where you set the Domain Name Server information for your registered domain name. The DNS address uses your domain name and an IP address as the official location of your site. After all, all those files of data have to be stored somewhere, right? The internet browser finds stored data from this address.

Your site is formally set up, so now how is web hosting work when people try to access your site?

When someone types your domain name into their web browser, it follows the DNS address linked with the domain name. The DNS address tells the browser the IP address of the web hosting service provider you subscribed to. The web browser then uses that information to discover the server that is housing your site's data files. The visitor's browser can access the data files and then display them.

There are some hosts that will let you create a website for free, and even have a subdomain on them. The one problem with that is you won't have complete control over the website with very limited space. You have to consider your needs before going for something like this. On the other hand, you can go for the free hosting and register an actual domain with another IP routing site in order to have a genuine URL for your free website. It will help to get to the top of the rankings on search engines while barely costing you a dime.

Once again, however, you need to consider what exactly it is you want and need in a website and go from there. There are so various different possibilities when you ask the question “how web hosting works ". It is a question with various answers, and you have to find the answer that is right for you.

How web hosting works can get confusing with all the technical professionals. One thing that you can't afford to mix-up is the ultra-super necessary task of selecting a reliable web host. Don't make the mistake of choosing a wrong web host; visit BeTec Host to ensure you are on the right path to digital marketing success.

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