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important things you should know about reseller hosting plans

Important Things You Should Know About Reseller Hosting Plans

Reseller Hosting

Some of the companies have enjoyed the benefits after they have selected to host the website along with reseller hosting plans. On the other hand, some companies have not reached the necessary requirements with their reseller host. Thus, they may find it easier to open a reseller account that they can directly operate. On the other hand, in order to know how you can make the most out of reseller hosting, you must know every detail about the procedure and decide if it will work for you.

You need to read this article to understand the change presented by reselling web hosting services to your design and development clients. You need to host each and every website project you work on. As the expert hired to create the website vision and technical implementation of that vision, you’re in a unique position to advise your clients on their choice of a web hosting solution.

The following can act as a guide for persons of you who are considering entering the market to resell web hosting services.

How Reseller Hosting Works?

Various large web hosting companies now offer a special account type—generally called a “Reseller” hosting plan. This account is exactly set up so that the account holder can pay a flat monthly fee for an account, and then host many subaccounts under it which the account holder manages and bills for.

Understanding Reseller Hosting Plans

Let’s start with a solid explanation of reseller hosting from a technical perspective. While in many ways reseller hosting plans are like to usually shared web hosting services, it can be helpful to understand the technical underpinnings of how it allows you to host multiple sub-accounts under one master account.

Selecting the Best Reseller Web Hosting

Research is going to be the key to choosing the very best reseller web hosting you can find. Whether it’s the word-of-mouth recommendation of a fellow designer or online searches in search engines or forums, you will need to behavior some solid research to arrive at the best decision. Here are some suggestions on how to research a good reseller host.

Who Provides Services in Reseller Hosting?

The basic services in reseller hosting plans are provided by the real website hosting company. It is the company that manages the network setup and all hardware. The web hosting company preserves the servers and updates them whenever necessary. As well all types of customer complaints are actually handled by the web hosting company and not the reseller.

The reseller in case of reseller hosting does not need wide knowledge about the technical aspects of providing website hosting services to the customers. The basic purpose of the reseller is to relate with the customers using a web interface. The reseller can set up and manage the different clients but cannot do anything beyond that.

Tips and Guidelines

First and foremost, you need to be able to establish which will be the best websites to target for your market place. The error which a common of newbie reseller host companies make is trying to target the whole marketplace. The hidden secret to some is that reseller web hosting service mostly prospers through niche marketing particularly in today's competitive market. When you make the decision to target certain market niches, you will be in a good position to foresee your client demands and in turn offer better services to them. Next, you will then have to research which is the most perfect host for the actual market you are targeting. Have a good understanding of who your potential clients would be. This will help you in selecting the most appropriate reseller web hosting.

Not many people are aware that a shared hosting service is different from a reseller hosting service. Shared hosting lets you rent server spaces for just one website that has only one domain name registration. While a reseller hosting plan allows you to rent a large amount of space in the server only to divide it into smaller websites and then sell these divided websites to resell. As well, shared web hosting is cheap, simple, and runs a small scale. Mostly it is made for a small customized website.


What the web hosting plans have to offer is that it is more flexible and conforms to economies of scale. Having a lot of shared many accounts each month can get expensive if you are running a fast-growing business. Reseller hosting comes in to set up the number of websites you need while at the same time allocating some resources among all of them. BeTec Host offers one of the cheap reseller hosting and best reseller hosting plans available on the market.

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