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why you choose unlimited reseller web hosting plans

Why You Choose Unlimited Reseller Web Hosting Plans

Unlimited Reseller Web Hosting

Web hosting is an important way to promote your website and make the presence of your business online. There are numerous methods available for web hosting services. So the most suitable hosting service needs to be selected. Unlimited reseller web hosting is one of the best ways that can be selected in order to host your website. And one time you sign in to unlimited reseller hosting you will get the control panel for your reseller hosting account. This interface allows your new client account to run SSH commands and the addition of domain name registration. Being an Unlimited Reseller Hosting enables you to dismiss, suspend, and control the accounts hosted. 

Unlimited Reseller Web Hosting is a type of reseller hosting with unlimited resources. But, some of the people are still unsure why they need to select unlimited reseller hosting? Below are the questions you need to ask yourself before purchasing unlimited reseller web hosting:

If you have to all of the above questions as "Yes", then you should certainly go for unlimited reseller web hosting. There are various benefits of such kind of hosting as mentioned below:

Hosting Multiple Web Sites

Yes, you have read it right in Reseller Web Hosting you can host several of your sites together without paying anything extra to your host. That protects a lot of money going to be wasted. Instead of just hosting one web site, in the same or little more prices you can get your own unlimited reseller web hosting packages. In an unlimited reseller hosting package, you can give any amount of disk space and bandwidth to your site without paying anything further for it. So, it is just like a bonus for you.

Manageable Control

This is as well a very good feature of unlimited reseller web hosting. When you sign up for an Unlimited Reseller web Hosting Plans you get a manageable control panel that is known as WHM, which stands for Web Host Manager. From there, you can simply manage the whole sites you want, and at any time you can create a new account and host a new domain name and at any time you can remove the one you want. That is as easy as that.

Able To Create Hosting Company

Becoming a reseller here comes a great chance for you. With unlimited reseller web hosting, you can even start your own web hosting company and can earn passively. To accomplish this, simply signup for a reseller web hosting account and then create the packages you wanted to sell. But, before starting with this go through the needed technical things in web hosting.

Low Cost

If you go for a separate hosting for every account you have, then it becomes very costly and it will moreover affect your pocket. However, reseller hosting is very cheap and that will surely save much of your money. And as well when you add more websites on it, you won't need to pay extra for it. This means you can keep more money in your pocket or invest it in marketing your websites.

Any number of Unlimited Reseller accounts can be created with the assistance of unlimited domain/ website packages. More than one domain can be registered through a single account. This feature really attracts more clientage. Another important feature of unlimited web hosting in Pakistan is that it receives bandwidth more than billed and limited disk space on the selected package.

On that note, it shall be necessary to understand that the unlimited reseller packages for web hosting can certainly help you in terms of online endeavor and provide you with a chance to grow your business, and also the features available shall be smart. So what are you waiting for? It's all perfect, just know your requirements and go for it.

Pros and Cons of Unlimited Reseller Web Hosting

We’ll go through what exactly reseller hosting is and what the pros and cons are that anyone considering starting their own web hosting business should consider.

Price is absolutely the main advantage of reseller hosting. A lot of the reseller hosting plans are fairly cheap, perhaps a few dollars a month. Though, as mentioned before, unlike established web hosting companies, the resellers might not be able to provide reliable technical support.


  • Good servers
  • Saleable – room to grow
  • Good for beginners
  • 90-Day money-back guarantee
  • Decent amount of resources with each plan


  • Relatively few advanced features

If you follow all of these tips from 24/7 supports, unlimited space and bandwidth, great customer testimonials, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee, you should have great hosting experience.

When you have signed up as an unlimited reseller with a primary host you can be sure in the knowledge that they are there to offer you any help you may need, make sure that your business will be uncomplicated and rewarding. You can offer your clients a great product and you are very competitive with an unlimited reseller account. Visit BeTec Host to check out their very first unlimited reseller web hosting plans.

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